Sunday, August 10, 2008

i have to have surgery and i'm scared out of my flipping mind. its just getting a cyst removed but seriously...i've never even had a broken bone and its really nerve-racking.

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Anonymous said...

Try not to worry about it too much, okay?

Sometimes the idea of surgery can be really nerve-wracking. Obviously I can't make any promises, but as someone who's had foot surgery twice for bunions (once on each foot), I can say that nothing's ever gone wrong with either of my procedures and yours will most likely be fine, too.

Anonymous said...

The doctors know what they're doing. Also, especially for more commonplace surgeries like yours, risks are relatively low and procedures can be performed by surgeons with plenty of experience.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that patients who are calmer and more relaxed going into surgery have faster, smoother recoveries. Also, studies have shown that playing calm music (ie. instrumental or Classical music) during the surgery keeps doctors calmer and has subconscious benefits for the patient during recovery (this goes with keeping the patient calm and relaxed).

If you're uneasy, talk with your surgeon. They're good people, and it benefits them (and their records) if your surgery is a good experience. They also know a *lot* about what they're doing, so they can talk you through any details want to know about.

Loneliness and Despair said...
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Anonymous said...

I've never had to have surgery, but I do have a problem with fainting when having blood drawn or when getting shots. I always tell the doctor or nurse about my issues beforehand, and they make sure to be extra careful with me and give me time to catch my breath and warn them if I start feeling dizzy. It helps a lot.

I would suggest you do kinda the same thing and tell your doctors about your fears-- Anon2 is right, they really do know their stuff and they've probably had tons of scared patients before. They'll know how to help you calm down.