Thursday, August 07, 2008

Fuck. I like a guy who likes my friend and I dont know what she thinks about it. some other girl likes him too and he knows. he confides in me,we're pretty good friends even though we have different circle of loosing sleep because of him

uuuh...I dont wanna tell him though since it might freak him out and I might loose him as a friend. my god, is there anything I CAN do?

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Anonymous said...

I too have been in this situation.

He probably thinks of you as the one girl who DOESN'T like him, as
his go-to "friend", as the one girl he can confide in that isn't totally in love with him and that really isn't a bad thing to be to a guy.

so what you have to decide is what role you want to play in his life; the friend that sticks around through all of his girlfriends and crushes or another girl who likes him and possibly dates him for a little awhile.

if you choose girlfriend you'll get to have him as a boyfriend for awhile and kiss him and all that good stuff, but it won't last for but so long and there's only a possibility that you'll stay friends after you break up.

If you choose to be his friend then you'll have to ignore your feelings for him, which can be hard to do sometimes, but you'll get to be close to him longer.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Friendships are stupid. Get your guy.

Anonymous said...

Girl, fuck that boy.