Monday, August 18, 2008

I have THE BIGGEST crush on the boy that lives across the hall from me. Oh my god. We like all the same music, he's SOOO sweet and we partied together last night. This year is going to be so amazing.

I'm just worried about the whole "don't date someone who lives right next to you" thing.

02:20:00 PM


SwalesT'shooth said...

I'm dating my next-door-dorm neighbor, and it's working out fantastically. Don't let arbitrary relationship rules get in the way of something awesome and fun.

thewordofrashi said...


Seriously, though, happens all the time.

Just, if and when you have sex, try to keep it down. Everyone else in your hall will appreciate it.

I speak from experience there. Although, on a lighter note, the statement often said to the male in said relationship was "Keep it down or make it last."

Dr. A said...

Yeah sounds fucking awesome to date someone that lives across the hall from you to me at least. Of course in my case I live in a suite of boys so and across the walkway leading to aforementioned suite is nothing but empty space so not as available in the literal "across the hall" sense.