Wednesday, March 05, 2008

This isnt good enough. I take dry-erase makers to mirrors, I scribble in notebooks, I scream in the car, I blast my vocal chords on some middle-of-nowhere beach. But its not good enough. You will still be there, and I will still be here, forever wondering whether or not you are worth the memory.

So do or die. I feel too impatient to deal with the in-between.

12:12:00 AM


Anonymous said...

This is beautifully worded and very sad, and I wonder if it's about me-- but then, he wouldn't have written it half so well.

Anonymous said...

Unrequited love. Feels like you're the only one. You're not. Go for it, don't be a big pussy. It just makes you look like a big emo prodigy.