Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Okay tangst isnt dead please stop acting like it is. This means you administrators.

07:56:00 PM


龙年 said...

My apologies; I got busy when I came back from Spring Break and had to finish up / turn in lots of work for classes.

Would you like to be a Tangst admin? We ran some apps back in December 2006, and added ThatOneGirl and The Watcher to the admin team, but you're always welcome to apply. Especially if you have time to give to the site ;-)

The old app can be found at http://tangstblog.blogspot.com/1990

Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you thank you OP

Dr. A said...

I really would hate to see Tangst die. It helped me through.. you know, high school.

SwalesT'shooth said...

Yeah, Tangst isn't dead, but if it wants to live on it will need to get some new blood. Most of the original admins are fast approaching Birthday Number Twenty, after which we technically won't be eligible for teenage angsting anymore. The time has come to name our sucessors and hand down the mighty Sceptre of Sarcasm and Mantle of Morbidity. Who of this new generation is up to the mighty task of grasping the great Tangsty Lance and riding valiantly across the Field of Blogging Honor?

... too much Arthurian shit? Yeah, guess I should dial it back some. But still. We need some new admins.