Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Like the smallest spheres of air
quickly passing through the sea,
the yellow light from The Above
illuminates our destiny.

Oh fragile films so round and thin
and ever gently upward go,
an iridescent path of light
we travel, rising from below.

Be careful on your path, my love,
for 'tis a fate so worse than death
if you should stray or separate
before we surface for our breath,

And in the light we shall expand
and perhaps join side to side,
to reach up to the sky above,
and wander with the flowing tide.

And as we reach the precipice
of salty sea to salty air
the sun may burst our tiny shells
but to our love cannot compare.

As we rise into the stars-
wisps of air, so intertwined
I whisper to your zephyr soul
Our love, dear Love, can't be defined

My first attempt at real poetry, I wrote it for you.

10:35:00 PM


Dr. A said...

Just give it to the person you were writing it for... (*wistful face*) You can't start a fire without a spark.

If only I could have a time machine.

OP said...

I did