Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Boy I just hooked up with last night: Really pretty, interesting, grating and annoying personality.

The Boy I have a crush on: Not bad looking, extraordinarily egotistical and pseudointellectual.

My "constant" boy: Pretty damn ugly, really, REALLY funny, can be a total dick when everyone else is around, also has an ego problem, makes me happy.

I wish I could find a boy who I liked for most of his characteristics instead of just a few.

04:58:00 PM


Anonymous said...

Hint: Date one guy at a time. You'll like guys way better then.

Anonymous said...

If you like someone enough, you can get past most characteristics that you dislike. Sometimes just loving and being lived is enough! I'd say go for the ugly one that makes you happy. :)

Anonymous said...

try different types of guys.

Dr. A said...

He's probably out there. Conceivably, at least. Maybe try to branch out although it seems like you have your hands full right here.

It's hard to loosen the ties you have now to search for the a priori perfect guy, of course.