Thursday, March 05, 2009

I like my best guy friend here, who has a girlfriend somewhere far away. I think he's really cool for many reasons and I can identify with him better than most here, but truthfully I think I like him most out of convenience and lack of someone better in my life at the moment. I should get over him, because we're just not going to happen (though if he didn't have a girlfriend we totally would... Is it bad that we're flirty enough that I can tell that?). But honestly, I don't really want to get over him. It's so much more fun and easier to keep hoping that "someday, maybe..."

11:00:00 PM


Anonymous said...

man if the guy in this situation wrote this it would be me.

Dr. A said...

When do you give up hope that the friend will be like "oh hey wanna date?" Becaaaauuuse it sucks the life out of you, apparently. (Not out of "you," OP, out of me in this instance.)