Thursday, May 08, 2008

I want to have sex with do I know if I'm ready?

And how the hell do I buy condoms without my parents finding out?

07:10:00 PM


thewordofrashi said...

If you have to ask if you're ready, odds are you aren't.

And the best way to buy condoms is to just walk to the drugstore and pay in cash.

I remember I bought lube once, and I was standing in line behind a man and his two daughters. Super awkward. And then the woman asked me if I wanted a bag. I was like "what do you think?"

Needless to say, I got a bag.

龙年 said...

OP, dear... If you can't condoms without your parents finding out, you're probably not ready to have sex.

To buy condoms:
1 - Go to a convenience/drug/grocery store
2 - Buy the condoms
3 - Walk out


If you don't want your parents finding out, don't bring them along when you buy your condoms. And don't leave your condoms lying around at home.

If you don't live in a prison facility, those steps should work fine.

If you're worried about money (eg. your parents control it), condoms are fairly cheap; bum some cash from a friend.

龙年 said...

Haha, there's rashi beating me to the punch.

As follow-up, cash is always good for any transaction, but for this case it means there's no credit card statement to read at the end of the month. How much would that suck, eh?

Anonymous said...

i agree with rashi and boxbox. additionally, target has the best prices on condoms. and trojans are a good brand to get.

Anonymous said...

NCSU's bathrooms have condom vending machines. $0.75.

I don't know about other colleges...

PChis said...

I would say the way to know you're ready is if you're completely comfortable with the idea and you know you want to have sex with this particular guy.

Also, in my opinion you should make him put effort into the night and make it romantic or make your self do the same.

SwalesT'shooth said...

How well do you know yourself, sexually? Sex is going to be a lot better for you if you spend some time on your own getting to know what your body likes, at your own speed, before sharing it with another person. I couldn't even bear to look at myself naked in the mirror when I first had sex, and my sexuality suffered as a result. Learn to be comfortable with yourself as a sexual being before becoming comfortable with someone else's sexuality.

It's a good idea to experiment with masturbation before you have sex. It will make you more knowledgeable of your own body, and more likely to enjoy sex when you have it. Masturbation need not be penetrative; people generally think of sex as penis-in-vagina action only, but thrusting alone is insufficient stimulation for 75% of women. Read up online, try not to be shy, and experiment to your heart's content.

Also, condoms are pretty cheap at most drugstores. If the drugstore is a far away and you don't have a car, try to get a friend to drive you or maybe find a bus route.