Thursday, May 01, 2008

This rant is pretty pointless in its self to the reader and only really serves any purpose to me, the writer. As such I would recommend that you do not waste your time reading.

My roommate is a pain in my side. A real thorn in the heel of my foot. He the kind of "friend" that creates endless drama that must be sorted through. The kind of person you want to slap with a baseball bat and tell them to shut up before you do it again.

The kind of person who takes every piece of advice and turns it into criticism. Telling him this will only incite further drama and pull me further into this predicament.

I learned a while ago that grudges are pointless. The petty clasping of conflicts only to resurface them during a civil conversation is ridiculous and unnecessary. This is not something he knows.

Anger and frustration is pointless something must be done , I say. But what. Discussion has been tried, but it failed , grinning through it will not suffice, I would prefer not to burn bridges but perhaps I will have to.

Can what was once a friendship be salvaged? Perhaps If i can get my roommate to let go of petty conflicts its possible, if not then I will go the way of so many others that he has come in contact with, stray outside my normal bounds and seek swift and furious vengeance, destroy his life and leave him to sit and think in the rubble.

oh how sweet that would be, yet my logic tells me that it is not the best path for either of us. I will search the safari of human relationships for a solution and if one cannot be found I will slash and burn that jungle and build a parking lot on top.

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Anonymous said...

Urinate in a cup and pour it on him while he's sleeping. It'll freak the fuck out of him and make him think he wet his bed. Freaking hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should just move out.