Sunday, May 25, 2008

Only four people have signed my yearbook and I'm pretty happy with that because I hate everybody and I'm not friends with anyone anymore :/
Four is enough for me. Hell, they're signatures of people I don't even like.

07:02:00 PM


Anonymous said...

Whew. For a second I thought Elitism would die altogether one day.

Anonymous said...

pathetic. The world is too small to hate anyone you're not allowed to kill, everyone else you'll end seeing again.

op said...

okay cunts, I'm not saying they aren't good enough for me to like them I'm saying I can't seem to be friends with anybody these days and i realize that it's a problem with ME not THEM. I probably won't see them again save the reunions

Anonymous said...

Just don't go to the reunions. I have many friends but my boyfriend was saying something about going to the 20 year or whatever reunion, and I said FUCK if I am ever gonna see these bitches again. Seriously, people who think high school are the best days of their lives are pretty fuckin useless people. Just wait, you've got something better waiting for you.