Saturday, May 03, 2008

This is not OK. I am being stressed and worked to my breaking point. Why the fuck wasn't I informed things would be this hard before I accepted the offer of admission. People say its good to be challenged to your limits, that it makes you grow. Fuck that, having to work regularly work 12+ hours on 1 HW assignment is just ridiculous.

08:21:00 AM


thewordofrashi said...

If you're spending 12 hours on a single homework assignment, I think that would be a pretty good sign that maybe you should consider getting some help from the professor.

Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Not everybody picks the right focus; talk to the professor, consider a change of majors.

Anonymous said...

Where do you go? Are you in grad school or just undergrad?

Anonymous said...

Is it the school in general or a specific class?

Without knowing much of your predicament, the best advice I can offer is to communicate with your professor(s). I'm only in high school, but sometimes I have issues with stress and debilitating anxiety related to finishing certain assignments and studying, etc. One thing that I've realized recently is that most of my teachers are a lot more understanding if I just email them or talk to them after class when I need to sort out any issues that I may be having.