Friday, April 10, 2009

In my head I know that it's a good thing that we're apart now. If you gave up after the hits we took you wouldn't have been able to handle the rest of what life would throw at us.
That doesn't stop me from wondering though, what if the succession of sucker punches that life hit us with had been a little more spread out, instead of one after another, would we have made it? If you and I hadn't been dealing with other things, would we have been able to stick it out through the extraneous things?
I wonder at all of these things. But in the end, after a couple of years of saying "i love you", when i Actually Needed You, those words and feelings that you claimed to have dried up. You sloughed them off like a snake shedding a layer of dead skin, and slithered on to your next target.
The next time you tell someone you love them, Mean It.

12:20:00 AM

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Anonymous said...

Maybe they did mean it.