Sunday, April 05, 2009

C-c-c-c-c-combo breakerrr

What do you do when you have these cyclical crushes that keep you up late at night writing sappy, amateurish poetry and whining piteously about your life? How do you just keep on going with your life and get a new girl or a new viewpoint or whatever it is that gets you out of a rut?

Because really, I have oh so very much had it with this rut and the ones like it.

Sparknotes: I like a girl, she doesn't/won't ever like me, I still like the girl. It's almost like a lame haiku. A laimku. My life is a laimku.

Does anyone have a foolproof method of stamping out recurrent crushes?
If so, lay it on me,

Dr. A


Anonymous said...

You must be my male opposite. I can tell you that I was the queen of crushes in high school. I think I dated only one of my crushes, and found out he wasn't as fun as I had thought. I was forever writing little poems 'journals' about my crushes. Pathetic.

I stopped my crushing ways and decided to focus on something more serious in college. Then one day, I met him.

I can tell you'll find the girl to fall in love with completely out of the blue. Those crushes that you used to lose sleep over will vanish.

Anonymous said...

Time, that's the only thing that's helped for me. The thought of my crush used to bring me to tears, but after about a year of being away from him and focusing on the parts of my life that aren't defined by the absence of somebody or something, I'm getting over it.

Dr. A said...

I appreciate your input. My only counterpoint to you, Anon2, is that it's been nearly three and a half years and I'm still fucked up about this girl.

But Anon1, I believe that one day I will meet someone that is perfect in every way including being available, and I hope that the crushes will vanish, but for now they are so overwhelming. It sucks. You've given me some hope though I appreciate that.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon1

yea, one day you'll decide you don't give a fuck and that day you will find someone. I decided to stop caring about my crush of 2.5 years and literally the next weekend I found the person that became my boyfriend in two months. focus on yourself, on your life and nobody else. that change in attitude will attract someone out there.

Anonymous said...

i had that problem with an ex, so i fucked someone else and i'm pretty much over it. i doubt that was the best solution, though.