Friday, April 10, 2009

I just realized that I really, really miss my high school boyfriend. It's been two years and what I wouldn't give for one last night of sex, boredom, and nothing at all to say to him..

01:36:00 PM


Anonymous said...

You have issues. That is the single most depressing-sounding night I have ever heard of. Go deal.

Anonymous said...

1. Ignore Anon 1, who has clearly never had a comfortable relationship.

2. The saddest part is knowing you can't ever have that boredom back.
What I wouldn't give for one last day of fishing, fast food and mediocre sex, and not worrying about have something to say to him.

Anonymous said...

one more day one more time baby one more sunset ill be satisfied. but then again, i know what that would do: leave me wishin still, one more day with you.