Monday, January 05, 2009

I think it's sad that nobody commented on the "LALA. I love life!" post below, but the sad ones get so many comments. Why are we as humans drawn to sadness?

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Anonymous said...

Happy people don't need comfort.

PChis said...

I think a part of it is the length of the post.

If someone had the post "grr! I hate life!" I think they would likely only get a few sassy comments.

Also, I think sadness inherently is something we as humans like to find solutions for. If someone is already happy, the advice givers are not going to tell them how they should change their ways.

I'm not sure that example shows that humans are drawn to sadness.

Anonymous said...

yeah you can't really offer any advice on that subject, oh you love life? Well you should keep doing that.

Anonymous said...

Happiness cannot be had without others to celebrate.