Saturday, January 03, 2009

I have literally sat at my computer for an hour and 17 minutes trying to figure out which admin you are. Because I KNOW you are one. And I can't figure it out although I have a hunch you may be knight_racer... Arghh this is driving me crazy!!

10:22:00 PM


龙年 said...

An hour and 17 minutes? Oh, goodness.

Comments in the archives portray fairly distinct perspectives of most of the admins at this point, since the site's been around more than 3 years now. If you know one of us in real life, it probably shouldn't be *too* hard to guess reasonably accurately.

Good luck :-)

Anonymous said...

if you think its knightracer..go back two-threeish pages and youll know for sure

Hannah said...

Well, there's no way you'd be able to tell which one I am, considering my clever and deceptive pseudonym.

Anonymous said...

op: did you figure it out?

thewordofrashi said...

The funny thing is that the post in question from a few pages back was knightracer lamenting that people knew who he was.

knight_racer979 said...

Ahh, the tragedy of the day.

Remember when all curiosity did was kill cats?

Good luck in your search, OP.

Anonymous said...

Lol thanks guys. Still haven't figured it out and I've even read all the admin FAQs. I WILL find you.