Thursday, January 15, 2009

Five girls lying in the dark, trying to be quiet as we wait for my mom to fall asleep, muffled giggles escaping here and there.

Four girls sneaking out of the house, E already asleep, I know she's faking, but I don't tell, the others are too excited by the possibilities of tonight to notice.
Three boys we meet in the park, the ones that our guy friends who care told us to stay away from, but flirting with danger, so to speak, is too enticing.
Two. The number of times we have to stop the boys from following us back, we don't want them to know where I live.

One night we let loose. We're the good girls, we don't do things like this. It wasn't all that bad, but it's enough to make us feel like we're living on the edge. Something we may never mention again but when we pass each other in the halls we'll laugh and think ourselves in control.

07:53:00 PM


Anonymous said...

Yeah, laugh and think yourselves in control-- because you're not. Flirting with danger isn't romantic and exciting, it's stupid. You're an idiot for doing whatever it is you so ambiguously describe with that awful teenage memoir tone you've got going there.

Don't want them to know where you live? Had to stop them twice from following you? Ever stop to consider that they likely kept following you, out of sight? You have put yourself and your friends pointlessly in harm's way, and for what? A smug little memory of some time when you were "bad". I hope you grow up.

Matthew said...

Yeah the main annoying thing here is the awful teenage memoir tone, A1 got that right.

Who cares what you actually DO, just write better.