Friday, July 10, 2009

Sometimes I want to die so badly that my wrists feel like they are begging to be cut.
I am so lonely.

10:08:00 AM


Anonymous said...

Everyone feels lonely, at least sometimes. But that means we're all a little bit the same. Things will get better. I promise. And you should consider talking to someone in real life. It might help more.

Anonymous said...

Try something different, and maybe you will discover some different results in your life. You can learn to be more outgoing and start approaching people instead of waiting for them to approach (and save?) you... You can forget your problems in reaching out to help others... You can see a counselor and be evaluated for depression, get meds to help if you need them... There are techniques you can learn to improve your life and your outlook. You have the power. But you must do something new to try.