Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dear Admin,

Hey, OP here from the first two comments up here right now... can you please not post them? My boyfriend started reading this and I'm completely positive 100% that he'll know who I am. Isn't revealing yourself breaking the rules or something? Pleeeease don't post them. Thanks.

OP from first two comments.

12:56:00 AM


Anonymous said...

You shouldn't write something hateful on a website where the object of your writing might come upon it. Just common sense.

龙年 said...

Sorry, OP; no dice. You must be new here -- we post everything that comes in, regardless of content.

Honestly, you created more of a problem for yourself by posting this request. Two words for you: plausible deniability.

Before you posted this request, you had two separate, anonymous posts that you could easily deny on the premise of anonymity and the difference in timestamps.

After posting this latest comment, you've created a tie between the two previous posts you mentioned, and added more material to identify yourself (ie. choice of language and context).

On another note, the previous two posts have already been visible for 4-5 days each; if your boyfriend's been reading at all during that time, he's definitely already seen them. And since I can't erase memories (yet), there's nothing I can do about that.


With regard to breaking the rules:

There's no breach of the identity policy occurring in this case; all you've done is provide Tangst with an acceptable confession of emotions, as is typical of visitors here.

A full name or other specifically personally-identifying data (street addresses, social security numbers, etc) is the litmus test we use to determine whether a violation of the defamation / identification policy has occurred. The posts in question fail this qualification.


There have been only two instances of admin censorship involving defamation or identification on Tangst in its history. See admins' position about censorship were established on January 21st, 2006, with the title Calls for censorship will basically be ignored, seen as "Censorship Policy" in the Tangst sidebar: full terms of the Tangst Policies (accessible via "Tangst Policies" in the sidebar) include the following passage relevant to this situation:

"By submitting to Tangst (henceforth a reference to any Tangst Community site), you grant the admins the right to censor or otherwise modify your comments and posts in any way shape or form. We avoid censoring submissions, but there have been a few occasions in which censorship has been exercised per necessity." (Tangst Policies: Section A)

Anonymous said...

shit this is priceless

Anonymous said...

lol. since you've already fucked yourself over, would you mind telling us what happens when he addresses you about it?

Anonymous said...

I think this is going to be one of the most memorable posts on teen angst ever.

OP said...

I'm so embarrassed.