Thursday, February 26, 2009

I just got back from being DD at this beyond huge kegger. Being DD usually sucks, but this time was just so, so bad. My boyfriend got plastered and kissed 4 different girls and then when I called him out, clung to me the entire fucking night. He was one of those crying drunks too, he kept crying and hugging me and spilling his nasty beer all over me. Very unattractive. So then I'm trying to round everyone up, and I guess I just didn't realize how uncontrollable drunk people are. It's sort of funny, but I just get in this existential state of mind when this happens. Arghh just needed to vent about my crazy night. Thank you.

02:00:00 AM


Anonymous said...

What I would do is drop the loser boyfriend, or tell him to be more responsible. I know if my boyfriend did that, I wouldn't take it for long.

Anonymous said...

getting drunk is no excuse for kissing other girls. if that's what he does when he's drunk because he can't control himself he does not need to be getting drunk. and if he can't control his drinking and it hurts your relationship then please do yourself the favor and leave him.