Thursday, October 09, 2008

I cheated on her but it doesn't feel like I did.

01:29:00 PM


Anonymous said...

yeah, but you still did, and it's still bad.

Anonymous said...

Run your life by feelings instead of facts and you'll end up in a world of hurt.

Anonymous said...

oh god that was tacky, anon 2.

Anonymous said...

hahahha. if she's worth anything...just tell her and she'll make sure you feel bad. trust me.

and maybe if you cheat on her and dont feel like you did anything wrong means that you don't actually care about your relationship with her meaning you should probably break up with her for her and your sake.

Anonymous said...

i cheated on him and it doesnt feel like i did.

he said if anyone ever cheated on him he would break up with them in a heartbeat. we were together for a year and i cheated at six months. the worst part was i cheated on my boyfriend with my best guy friend. he had been dating the girl 2 years.

oh one has to know.