Sunday, October 11, 2009

How would one go about starting a drive for something? Like a coat drive, or toy drive. I want to start one but have no idea who to talk to about it.

11:45:00 AM

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龙年 said...

Usually those sorts of things are done to benefit a particular organization. Some examples:
* Coats for the Children
* NC Food Bank Drives
* Toys for Tots

Once you know what group you want to support, look for contact information online. You may find just a general "contact" email or phone number; ask to talk to someone about starting a fundraiser or drive to benefit their organization.

If you're interested in doing this as part of a service club at school, talk to a club advisor to see what similar events have been done in the past. This is not a particularly novel idea, so an experienced advisor will have relevant advice for you.