Thursday, August 13, 2009

I hate ignorant people, like Sarah Palin, who go around rousing fear in everyone by saying shit like 'death panel' when its not true. Other ignorant people who support her will copy her word for word and spew it everywhere. Then news channels like FOX start to report that everyone is outraged, but they don't understand WHY they are outraged. It makes me so mad that people like that exist.

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Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ, did you just take your first high school civics class or something? This is the unchecked rage of a sophomore C&C student just discovering for the first time that the average voter just regurgitates the shit they hear on TV.

Anonymous said...

Apparently they didn't understand how ignorant the average person is. It is kind of sad when you hear the bullshit coming from both sides. I don't see why you're being so bitchy towards them A1 because I didn't know how dumb people were until college. Chill out dude.

Although I agree with OP that Sarah Palin did say some pretty ridiculous things. And whoever posted that newest thing on tangst had a point about Obama. I think we can all agree that people don't check facts and 'spew' whatever garbage they hear.

I'm guessing that's what the OP was getting at.

Anonymous said...

You are so dumb.

OP said...

Woah..Someone has a stick shoved up their ass.

No, I'm in college. I have known about how idiotic our country is for a long time. I mean, if you guys ever watched Street Smarts it was a big tip-off.

It looks like I have pissed off some far-rights here. So here it goes- I'm republican. I'm not an Obama-lover, and I can't get good advice on what to believe about this new health plan. My parents watch Fox all day long so I was stuck hearing about fucking 'death panels' all day long, and I finally had to relieve my anger somewhere. I want someone to tell those people to shut the fuck up, that's all, and get on with reporting real news.

By the way, care to elaborate A3? If you're going to make an asshole comment you might as well go the whole nine yards and explain yourself. Unless you're mad that I insulted your sweetheart Palin or criticized your only source of news-Fox, then just fuck off because you're oblivious to some of the blatant tactics they pull.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin had a point. Her point was that if the country turns over the management, access, and regulation of all health care decisions for everyone to the federal government (what is now called the public option, or single-payer option), it will be government bureaucrats and boards of so-called experts (including lobbyists and political appointees) relying on statistics (how accurate? how skewed?) who do not know the individual patients who will decide in a one-size-fits all manner (like the Soviet central planners) who gets what treatments and what will not be covered due to cost constraints. That's what that 1,000+ page House bill is: Congress's first attempt to regulate all aspects of health care instead of allowing the free market and competition to function.

Her point was that individuals are better off when the free market is still in place to offer competitive incentives and the widest array of options and choices for individual families and patients, working with their doctors and their insurance providers, not having to petition government boards. Now, if you just don't like capitalism, there's no arguing with you, and calling the opposition stupid instead of debating their points on substance is probably the best argument you can muster.

You seem unhappy that you can't get "The Truth" about current events neatly prepackaged and exclusively broadcast for your comfort, instead of realizing you need to dig deeper into a wider variety of sources to follow what's actually going on beneath all the spin (on all sides). It takes work if you really want to be informed. Go read the House bill, or start watching C-Span, for example. It's your own future on the line.

Anonymous said...

Good news: Looks like the White House is dropping the public option.

Anonymous said...

how is that good news? that's the best way to actually get reform... otherwise it's all pretty much meaningless.

Anonymous said...

Anon1 here. I am not in the least conservative and even less so am I far-right. I just can't stand people like you who state their political views as absolute truths and I especially can't stand people who continue to bash something (Sarah Palin, Fox, etc) that has already been bashed to death. Anybody who would have listened will have already done so, and anybody who hasn't certainly won't when they're being called ignorant and such.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if we tell someone how stupid they are enough times, they will stop being stupid? I've always wondered how you would change someones mindset when they're completely certain they know it all. It's tough trying to argue back and forth.

Anonymous said...

The "public option" part of the health care plan actually has very little to do with turning over all health care to the government. Rather, the public would have access to a government-funded insurance company no different from any other insurance company except for in the manner that it receives its funding. That way, the poor or unemployed would be able to have the same kind of insurance coverage as the wealthy without having to pay exorbitant sums of money for their coverage.

Anonymous said...

"a government-funded insurance company no different from any other insurance company"

That's funny!

Dream on.