Thursday, August 06, 2009

Does anyone else spend an enormous amount of time on facebook looking at wedding pictures?

I guess we're getting to that age. I never thought I, of all people, would say this, but it's really exciting.

03:05:00 PM


Anonymous said...

I think everyone enjoys looking at wedding pictures and imagining themselves and their significant other. I do it too since a lot of my friends or friends friends are engaged/married. Although sometimes i feel like we're all too young.

Anonymous said...

Half of me feels like I'm still 13. But the other part is totally excited to get married. It's just weird that now I can't jump into bed with my mom anymore, I have to jump into bed with a dude.

Anonymous said...

I like looking at wedding pictures and I like going to weddings, but I'm really afraid of getting married myself. It freaks me out that I'm old enough to do it now.