Sunday, November 30, 2008

I am extremely self-concious about my penis size. I think I'm small, though my gf says otherwise.

I just don't know. What is average?

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PChis said...

Last statistic I found was the average male penis size is 5.5"-6".

But clearly the average means that there will be people above and below it.

I would say if your girlfriend says it's fine then there's absolutely no reason to think it needs to be bigger.

Also, you can't really change your size, but figuring out a good technique, setting the mood, and having confidence in yourself are things you can work on. It sounds cheesy but I believe it.

knight_racer979 said...

Right on, PChis. OP you have the only approval you really need, that of the erson you are sharing yourself with. If you can satisfy her then your size is fine.

As I heard someone say, "It isn't the size of the boat it's the motion of the ocean."

Anonymous said...

that is true knightracer but its also quite hard to get to England in a rowboat .

Anonymous said...

Not if the rowboat has a jetpack.

But seriously OP, can you make her come? If so then its all good.

Anonymous said...

okay PChris. I know were supposed to be comforting the OP, but where are you getting your stats? Because, though this will make me sound slightly whoreish, ive seen six penises, and only one was less than 6". No they werent black. All but one (indian...duh enloe) were white. Is have I been lucky, or is this stat wrong?

Anonymous said...

^I've always thought that on those official penis-size surveys, they knock an inch off of the actual average before publication so that every man can feel a little better about himself.

At the same time though, size seriously completely does not matter, OP. My first boyfriend had a 6.5-inch cock, and sex was all right, but I never came. My new boyfriend has a 4-inch cock and holy shit the sex is amazing. I come almost every time. It's upsetting how much hulabaloo people make over penis size, when it's your fingers and your tongue and your brain that are really the things you need to please a woman.

PChis said...

Those are just the top three Google results. I mean who knows exactly how scientific they are, but they have some pretty respectable sample sizes.

Also anonymous 3...I just have to ask: when you see a penis do you usually take a ruler out and measure it? Or were they just so significantly over 6 that you didn't need to?

I hope (and think) you are wrong anonymous four. Going through setting up the machinery necessary to get medical professionals and some 300 odd volunteers together to measure their penises just to lie about the results...

I would say the idea that these studies are wrong lies with inadequate evidence. For example, with anonymous three, perhaps she has simply met six men who happen to be larger than average or perhaps she hasn't measured them correctly. There could be any number of credible explanations.

I'm going to side with the studies.

Anonymous said...

i never really whipped out the ruler, but i can gauge considering how much was not in my hand and then base it off that. all of them were multiple times, so it was easier to remember size.

anon 3

Dr. A said...

Neither "it's not the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean," nor "it's hard to get to England in a rowboat" really make much sense.

That said, I wouldn't worry about size. I think it's commonly conceded that other things are more important.

knight_racer979 said...

Why are ocean-boat metaphors not enough for you, Dr.? Pssh.

Technique, not apparatus, is what matters.

Anonymous said...

As I recall, most statistics regarding penis sizes are considered to be overestimates. Men tend to exaggerate when they self-report.

Statistically, the average, is 6", but I'd bet that in reality, it's closer to 4 or 5.

That said, I think I once read that the smallest working mature penis was something like 2 cm. Just be glad you're not him.

PChis said...

Anonymous 3,

Just a few things to keep in mind:

The official way to measure a penis is measure from the abdomen to the tip of the penis (on the top of the penis) without pressing inward.

The penis looks longer on the bottom and it also goes into the body ~1.5 inches, so if you're jerking a guy off these factors could cause measurements.

I'm not saying you can't eyeball measurements; there are just some things you should keep in mind.

Also anon 5: while I would incline to agree about the self reporting, some of these studies were done by medical professionals measuring other men's penises.

Anonymous said...

well that sounds like a fun job

Dr. A said...

pchis does it like... daily.

PChis said...

Probably one of my top reasons for not becoming a urologist.