Friday, September 24, 2010

im racking my brain for the right words to express myself but here i find myself lost in thought scrambling to tell you or anyone how i feel, whats hurting me so deeply but my thoughts are not something i can easily tame when it comes to expressing myself these thoughts rarely leave my head their on the tip of my tounge but refuse to spill out of my lips. im giving this my best shot really i am, please say someone can relate to this feeling.. it seems nearly human instinct to seek out love but what if i dont want to seek it, will it find me?. ive come to accept that im not the kind of girl guys date or so it seems.. its not that i have trouble finding guys that find me attractive the problem is guys think im fun to flirt with, fun to get drunk with, and great to hook up with but when it comes to something more stable the crowd disappears and i find myself alone.

02:25:00 AM

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Anonymous said...

I get that feeling too- it's very easy for me to make guy friends cause they think I'm fun but no one wants to put up w/ me when I'm sad.
It's gotten to the point where I don't trust anyone.