Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My name is Anna. I still post here even though I'm semantically (almost!) not suited for "tangst" anymore. It's a part of my history and it will never leave me but for now I am done with it and I feel that as I leave my identity should be revealed (or at least just my first name.) This group helped me get through my first love and it helped me get through my latest. I'm a sophomore in college and my first post on this site was published my sophomore year in high school. I had many posts on the popular list and many posts with comments that helped me through trying times at Enloe. I was a part of Tangst history (literally, I was a part of the phase of the "I Love You (name)" phase of Tangst, okay maybe that gives away my identity but I don't care). I loved you tangst and it's a weird goodbye but it has to be said. I've outgrown you and it hurts but I'm a big girl now. I will never forget you. Thank you for all of your care, support and help.

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Anonymous said...

Well though you may never outgrow life throwing problems at you, or a world that will want to help you, it was a pleasure having you aboard. Thanks for playing.

And know that if "2010 Anna" wishes to forgo all tangst affiliation, know that "2006 Anna" is still welcome to seek advice or give it.

Life's too short to hoard your observations and knowledge, merely because you're older :).

Anonymous said...

I knew that most of the posts on this site were yours.

Anonymous said...

well done anna, you're a beauty.