Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tonight was the last time I will ever see him. He's moving away for good and I loved him more than anything else in the world when we were together. Driving home from his house I really didn't expect any tears to come or for them to come as hard and strong as they did. I didn't expect to have to pull over because I was so beside myself in anguish that the first boyfriend I ever had was leaving FOREVER and no matter how much I want him to stay I can't change a goddamn thing about it. We broke up over a year ago but this kid taught me how to love and now he's GONE. FML

12:05:00 AM


Anonymous said...

When did this become a spin-off of FML? No offense, you have a terrible story and it is an FML situation. But come on.

Anonymous said...

Shit sucks. Where's he going?

op said...

another country >:|