Monday, June 19, 2006

Dearest Tangsters,

I have a small request for all of the wonderful Tangsters out there. I am currently in a George Washington University political simulation program, and would appreciate if you all pledge your support for our cantidate, Aryeh Stein-Azen, a good jewish boy from Connecticut. Just go to the site and just say "I, your name, pledge my vote to Aryeh Stein-Azen, your name, date"

Thank you,



SD said...

to clarify, you don't need to use your real name if you don't want to. you vote does actually count, but probably not if you just use your bloggername or an anonymous. What im mostly looking for is an overwhelming show of support. and if you deviate too much from the template I gave you to post your vote with, it won't be counted. just put it in the comments section of the post entitled "Candidates Announced!"

thank you again.

Anonymous said...

I feel I have done my part to support Aryeh Stein-Azen

thewordofrashi said...

That's not a Jewish name at all. You should have asked me for a better one, SD.

SD said...

could you guys please not be assholes about this (not those who've commented here, but the voters)? If you think it makes you cool to anonymously use fake names, fine by me. But once you get out of the 5th grade, it's not going to be cool anymore. Your votes still are going to be counted by the way, so in while i don't like you for being an ass, i must thank you for putting us ahead in the campain. I must now tell you, however, that if you don't have a blogger account, you can no longer vote.

Thank you.

SD said...

wait- do you guys not realize that Aryeh is a real person?

Anonymous said...

ahaha the names are so funny. god im a genius